Tunisian Red Crescent Collaborated with Dar Ben Gacem to Feed the Needy

Recounting the work, Ben Gacem said, “the 100 meals were cooked at Dar Slah Restaurant and brought to our guesthouse, and 75 other meals were prepared in our guesthouse’s kitchen where the TRC team, wearing their logo jackets, met daily to sort out and pack the cooked food in containers and bags readying it for delivery. Our guesthouse was a beehive, and our team became volunteers in the process! My team and I are thankful that we were able to collaborate with the TRC”. The joint initiative led primarily by Ben-Gacem and Bin Saïdane proved that “women’s leadership is empathetic and drives communities towards much-needed systemic change”.

“Rather than feeding the hungry on the permanent Iftar tables in our restaurant, the TRC turned to the mobile tables through our volunteers’ earnest work and the contributor partners to achieve the success of the Program despite the health circumstances due to COVID-19”, explained Bin Saïdane about the challenge that the Program encountered.

In order to identify the vulnerable population in Medina of Tunis, the TRC volunteers invested their effort in a field inspection to ensure the accuracy of the eligible individuals. They also relied on existing lists, tracked by the Madina’s local authority, that have names of Iftar tables’ regular beneficiaries for years. Hisham Al-Harizi, who is 32 years old and a volunteer since 2011, said, “I volunteered in the Iftar tables, for I am from the area, and learned more about the TRC and its activities. Even with the exceptional situation due to Corona virus, we answered the call of duty and helped the eligible people to preserve their health”.

The proof that the TRC is staying in the frontline and on the ground to join efforts with the government in its fight against COVID-19 came in one of the beneficiaries’ own words, Lamia, a 40-year-old widow and mother of three kids, who said, “the situation was difficult due to Corona, and my unemployment made things worse. But thanks to the support of the TRC volunteers who visited us regularly during Ramadan, we had a dinner meal and Suhur. They also supplied my kids with some of their needs. Thank you because you were the reason of my happiness and my kids’, and the reason of our staying healthy”.







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