Our Story

When you sit in the Dar’s courtyard, its walls will tell you all about the births and marriages, it has experienced over its centuries of existence. You will become in harmony with every corner of the Dar, its soul has been carefully shaped by the work of Tunisian artisans and craftsmen over 3 centuries. One could call these artisans guardians, for they have preserved their crafts for over hundreds of years. Many of these crafts are, unfortunately, in the process of becoming extinct with the passing of time and invasion of modern life needs.

At Dar Ben-Gacem, the past and present are balanced, to give a hopeful future. Its value not only lies in the protection of its ancient history and originality, but also in its consistent restoration, according to modern standards.

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Our Team

Our team’s main goal is to make you feel at home; they are open to customize our services, design experiences, events, and activities that showcase Tunisia's diverse cultural facets, including its art, music, cuisine, architecture, and craft traditions. Our team work hard to make our guest experiences unforgettable.

Our team is from the Medina community, and actively engages with local communities, to support sustainable tourism initiatives that empower residents, and preserve the authenticity of historical sites and neighbourhoods. Our team work with a great sense of ownership, commitment, dedication and fun!