A haven of elegance and charm, room Deverclo is adorned with tasteful decorations and meticulously curated design elements, Deverclo has central master bed, with reading area, and individual bathroom. The room is named after Marquis de Verclos (1887-1950); former military officer in the French army. In 1920, De Verclos founded the Qallāl al-Qadīm company in Nabeul. Among his apprentices and partners, Hassan Abderrazak (ca. 1896-1958) and Hassine Abderrazak (ca. 1896-1947), twin brothers and former collaborators at the Tissier factory, promoted to the role of technical and artistic managers at De Verclos’. De Verclo contributed to the Introduction of European pottery shapes like the flowers, and the integration of shapes such as lion and Qallaline bird.